AFA "Healing Venezuela" Campaign with Miss Universe: Dayana Mendoza, Stefania Fernandez and Maria Gabriela Isler / by Kathy Boos

I had the pleasure to work with three Miss Universe: Dayana Mendoza (2008), Stefania Fernandez (2009) and Maria Gabriela Isler (2013) on the campaign "Healing Venezuela" with Ricardo Seco's T-Shirts to fund medicine aid for children and mothers with HIV in Venezuela; by the ONG Aids For Aids. It is the first time they were portrayed together! 

Finding ways to help and sending resources to my country Venezuela from the US in an effective and efficient way can be challenging. However, my photography will be always be in the service of doing well to Venezuela which is in such a profound humanitarian crisis.

I want to thank my team for putting their hearts on this project:
Jesus Aguais (AFA)
Mervin Vegara (AFA)
Elio Vasquez (HMU)
Romina Hendlin (Photo Assistant)
Luna Vicenti (Photo Assistant)